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Sales and Maintenance Services for Shipboard Equipment

Instrumental for the Shipbuilding and Shipping Sectors, Catering to Maritime Equipment Needs

We respond to a wide range of needs from the shipbuilding and shipping industries, including the design, development, and sales of marine communication equipment and electronic equipment, as well as maintenance services.

Marine communication equipment and electronic equipment are essential for the safe and efficient navigation of ships.
We have a wide range of automatic telephone exchanges/telephones, fire detection equipment, onboard command equipment, surveillance camera systems, clocks, and more.
It is also equipped with a wide range of functions that support safe and efficient navigation of ships, and can respond to further customer needs.

Our products are designed and developed by taking advantage of our high technological capabilities established through our long history and track record.
Even amidst the changing times and technological innovations, we will continue to quickly and accurately grasp market and customer needs in the marine field.

We support the safe and efficient navigation of ships and contribute to the world.