(1)【President’s Greeting】

Ever since its inception1981, our company, under a good cooperative system with contract manufacturers, has engaged in business that specializes in sales and maintenance services of shipboard equipment such as the following.

【Major Product Lineup】

* Marine Automatic Telephone Exchange * Marine Fire Alarm & Detection
* Marine Crystal Clock * Marine Public Address System
* CCTV・TV co-listening * Cargo Loading System
* Remote Sensing Equipment

Over many years of patronage of companies in the shipbuilding industry, shipping industry, and other related industries, we have acquired a high market share and reputation for high quality.
Amid the fast pace of evolution and transformation of technological innovation, we intend to quickly and accurately capture the needs of the market and customers in the shipboard equipment sector and exert efforts toward creating new products.
I wish to express our appreciation and look forward to your continued patronage.

NIPPON HAKUYO electronics, ltd.
President Yasuo Hayashi


(2)【Corporate Philosophy】

With “Persistent is the ultimate value of the company” as a motto, we shall aim at evolving into a company that is the best company for our customers by bringing together individual efforts, and boldly taking on challenges toward the future, reminding ourselves to be a true professional troupe.


(3)【Management Policy】

By devoting ourselves to the creation, sales, and servicing of new onboard communication equipment and electronic equipment, we shall contribute to the world through support for the safe navigation of ships.

【Action Guidelines】

(1) Business activities giving top priority to compliance with all laws and regulations

(2) Proposal of products anticipating changing needs of customer and markets through customer-oriented execution of operations

(3) Contribution to society by pursuing the happiness of individual employees