Intrinsically Safe Auto Telephone

Intrinsically safe explosion-proof automatic telephones consist of an explosion-proof telephone and a safety device.
The safety holding device converts the general telephone line into an intrinsically safe explosion-proof circuit, which is connected to the intrinsically safe automatic telephone.
By using an explosion-proof headset, you can make clear calls even in noisy environments in explosion-proof compartments.
The explosion-proof class has acquired Ex ia ⅡBT4 IECEx certification.

Product List

Model Description
ODA-1371-1A-B Intrinsically Safe Auto Telephone, Wall type (ia)
ODA-1371-1AH-B Intrinsically Safe Auto Telephone, Wall type (ia) (with Receptacle for Headset)
ODZ-9461-1A I.S. Auto Tel. Buffer Unit


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