The OHE-3500 series is usable not only for paging but also as various functioned central station to communicate on-board.
The OHE-3100, OHE-3200 series is equipped with analog amplifiers from output 50W to 150W, and there are built-in and desk, wall hangings type. It is connected to various devices by the needs and builds the system according to the demand.

Model Description
OHE-3150A 50W Main unit, desk wall type (C/P available)
OHE-3151A 50W Main unit, desk wall type (C/P available)
OHE-3166 100W Main unit, desk / wall type
OHE-3177 100W Main unit, desk / wall type
OHE-3167 50W Main amp. (without control panel)
OHE-3167A 100W Main amp (without control panel)
OHE-3310 150W Main unit with radio tuner & tape
OHE-3315 300~500W Main unit
OHE-3317 300~800W Main unit
OHE-3500 200~900W Main digital amp
OHE-3500 feature

We achieved high efficiency by more than 75% compared with conventional analogue amp by introduce high efficiency digital amp.
Reduction of electric wires, comparing with type of conventional analogue amp, by introduce RS485 digital signal for control panel.

High Reliability

Equipped with the latest high reliability parts, the full digital control, high reliability was obtained.
And Main unit can keep a high level of environmental durability on ship by the newly developed housing.


You can easy remove all substrate mounted on the main unit are connected by a connector. You can visualize the state of main unit by
the LED.
You can be rewritten easy to operation of microphone and speaker by the firmware of new development.

For details and specifications, please see the following PDF file.

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