Peripheral Equipment for Amplifier

Model Description
JM-1M Mic. Receptacle Water-proof
JM-3A Talk Switch Box
JM-3B Talk Switch Box
JS-1M Speaker Receptacle Water-proof
JMS-1M Mic. & Speaker Receptacle Water-proof
DM-524B Flexible Microphone
OHE-2014 Rotation Stand for Speaker
150WP-5F Mic. connector
150WR-5M Mic. connector
100WR-4M Speaker connector
JIS-S8821 JIS-S8821 Receptacle
NS-M-JB1 Joint box for speaker, 3P
Joint box for speaker (w/4 glands)
JM-3C Mic. Receptacle (for DM524B)
JM-1H Mic. Receptacle Water-proof
JM-1MP Receptacle for Microphone, with push button switch
JM-2H1 Mic. Receptacle Built-in type (for M-3N-H)
JM-2A1 Mic. Receptacle Built-in type (for M-3N-T)
JMS-1H Mic. & Speaker Receptacle Water-proof
M-3N-H Water-proof Microphone, H5P, with Curled Code
M-3N-HA Water-proof Microphone, H5P, with 5m Code
M-3N-HC Water-proof Microphone, H5P, with 15m Code
M-3N-HE Water-proof Microphone, H5P, with 25m Code
M-3N-T Water-proof Microphone, T5P, with Curled Code
M-3N-TB Water-proof Microphone, T5P, with 10m Code
M-3N-TD Water-proof Microphone, T5P, with 20m Code
M-3N-TF Water-proof Microphone, T5P, with 30m Code

For details and specifications, please see the following PDF file.

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