Local Clock 2Hands Type

Model Description
NTS-C145B(DISCONTINUED) 2 Hands, Stand type
NTS-C145(DISCONTINUED) 2 Hands, Wall type
TS-2SB 2 Hands, Wall type,Plastic type
TS-2SE-D 2 Hands, Wall type, with ELD
TS-2SS 2 Hands, Double-face type, Bracket type
TS-2W 2 Hands, Drip-proof, Wall type
TS-2WU 2 Hands, Drip-proof, Wall type, Cable gland on top
TS-2F 2 Hands, Built-in type
TS-2FE 2 Hands, Built-in type, with EL
TS-2KD2A 2 Hands, Decorative type,Plastic type
TS-2KD6A 2 Hands, Decorative type,Plastic type
TS-20A 2 Hands, Decorative type

For details and specifications, please see the following PDF file.

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