Features of Peripheral Equipment for Telephone

Model Description
SVB24SC-24 Line Filter
PT-001 Water-proof, 3P, 20a x 1
PT-002 Built-in type, 3P
PT-003 Water-proof, 3P, 20a x 2
PT-004-3 Shore Connection Box (2L) SUS
PT-007 Shore Connection Box (2L)
ODZ-9402-1 AC Bell
L-120-DC24V Water-proof 12cm Bell
L-120-AC100V Water-proof 12cm Bell
L-120-AC220V Water-proof 12cm Bell
L-200-DC24V Water-proof 20cm Bell
L-200-AC100V Water-proof 20cm Bell
L-200-AC220V Water-proof 20cm Bell
ODZ-9406-2 Spare Parts Box (S)
ODZ-9407-2 Spare Parts Box (M)
ODZ-9408-2 Spare Parts Box (L)
ODZ-9209-1(B) Headset, Behind the head style
ODZ9210-1 Headset for Buattry less Telephone
ODZ9211-1(B) Headset
H5010 Headset for Sound powered Telephone
ODZ9065-1 Extention Cord for H5010
ODZ-9302-1 Sub Receiver
ODZ-9413-1 Headset Adapter
HK-2M(HS-6066NHY) Hand Set for noisy place
HD-OKINCC Hand Set for noisy place

For details and specifications, please see the following PDF file.

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