Features of Battery less Telephone

These telephones do not require a source of electric power for calling and communication. Rotating handle will generate electric power to ring the other station. And the accumulated power is used to amplify acoustic sounds to make conversation loud and clear. They are roughly classified into two systems; Direct Telephone and Selective Telephone. The latter allows maximum 12/24 telephones to configure (one conversation link). And they are possible to connect to Intrinsically Safe Types, shown in the right page. Each telephone has relay inside terminal so that optional devices such as bells can be equipped.

Model Description
ODS4181-1 Desk type, Direct
ODS4381-1 Wall type, Direct
ODS4381-1H Wall type, Direct (with Receptacle for Headset)
ODS4781-1 Flush type, Direct
ODS4981-1 Portable type, Direct
ODS5181-1 Desk type, 12 Station
ODS5381-1 Wall type, 12 Station
ODS5381-1H Wall type, 12 Station (with Receptacle for Headset)
ODS5781-1 Flush type, 12 Station
ODS5781-1D Flush type, 12 Station (with Dial illumination)
ODS5981-1 Portable type, 12 Station
ODS5381-2 Wall type, 24 Station
ODS5381-2H Wall type, 24 Station (with Receptacle for Headset)
ODS5781-2 Flush type, 24 Station
ODS5781-2D Flush type, 24 Station (with Dial illumination)
ODZ9491-1 Capacitor box

For details and specifications, please see the following PDF file.

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