Features of Intrinsically Safe Auto Telephone

This telephone system is composed of telephones and safety maintaining unit.
This telephone set located in explosive hazardous area can be connected to the telephone lines of marine telephone exchange,PABX or analog telecom network via Buffer Unit.
With its safe security system, the equipment can be operated for a long period of time in an dangerous environment such as a ship or a factory containing explosive gases. The explosion proof characteristic of this equipment has been specified to the intrinsically safe explosion proof construction grade that satisfies the ia standard, assuming two accidents, in compliance with the IEC specification.
This equipment meets the requirement of the Ex ia IIBT4 class of equipment in terms of explosion proof and inflammable nature. The authentication of the IECEx has acquired.

Model Description
ODA-1371-1A Intrinsically Safe Auto Telephone, Wall type (ia)
ODA-1371-1AH Intrinsically Safe Auto Telephone, Wall type (ia) (with Receptacle for Headset)
ODZ-9440-1A I.S. Auto Tel. Buffer Unit

For details and specifications, please see the following PDF file.

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