Features of Auto Telephone

These sets are built sturdy based on the design to achieve high reliability while also meeting all the requirements for the marine telephone sets to be connected with the marine electronic telephone exchange.
It is very reliable, easy to operate, with various functions incorporated, thus suporting the ordinary communication tasks on board the ship.The unit has been ergonomically designed and tested for easy operation.
These telephone sets are designed to be compatible with the DP/PB dials to meet the requirements of the various telephone lines.
These telephone sets have been granted the approval of the *JATE standards to allow access, via the marine electronics telephone exchange, to the land lines including the via INMARSAT, VSAT, cellular marine telephones and shore telephone sets.

Model Description
ODA1183-1 Desk / Wall type
ODA1183-1N Desk / Wall type (for noisy place)
ODA1183-1T Desk / Wall type (Round Lag type)
ODA1183-1NT Desk / Wall type (for noisy place, Round Lag type)
ODA1183-BASE Wall type articles
ODA1310-1 Drip proof , Wall type
ODA1310-1N Drip proof , Wall type (for noisy place)
ODA1310-1SR Drip proof , Wall type (with Sub Receiver)
ODA1310-1SN Drip proof , Wall type (with Sub Receiver, for noisy place)
ODA1310-1H Drip proof , Wall type (with Headset Adapter)
ODA1310-1HN Drip proof , Wall type (with Headset Adapter, for noisy place)
ODA-1385-1N Deck-Watertight (IP 56) Wall type
ODA-1780-1K Built-in type
ODA-1780-1NK Built-in type (for noisy place)
ODA-1780-2K Built-in type (with Dial illumination)
ODA-1780-2NK Built-in type (for noisy place)
ODA-1781-1K Built-in type (on wall)
ODA-1781-1NK Built-in type (on wall, for noisy place)
ODA-1782-1NK Deck-Watertight (IP 55) Built-in type
ODA-1980-1K Portable type
ODA-1980-1NK Portable type (for noisy place)

For details and specifications, please see the following PDF file.

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