Features of Automatic Telephone Exchange OAE-7200 Series

OAE-7200 series is a very compact & high-quality marine automatic telephone exchange with full fledged popup service provided with a sophisticated stored program control method.
OKI group is a pioneer in a marine telecommunications field and has always been developing state-of-the-art technologies based on the abundant past experiences and achievements delivered to the satisfaction of the most demanding requirements.

Model Capacity Telephone Number
OAE-7224 24 20~43
OAE-7232 32 20~51
OAE-7240 40 20~59
OAE-7248 48 20~67
OAE-7256 56 20~75
OAE-7264 64 20~83
OAE-7272 72 20~91
OAE-7280 80 20~99
Added functions
– Busy override – Paging(3 areas)
– Call Pick-up – DTMF Pushbutton phone
– Emergency Call – Wake-up call
– Group call – Conference call
– Self-diagnostic test – Trunkline connection
Engineering design with high reliability

・Printed circuit board provided with newest electronic components.

・ The control program is installed in Non-volatile memory,and the programmed memory will not be erased even at the time of power breakdown.

Easy maintenance

・Because the printed circuit boards are provided with connectors, its check and replacement can be done so simply through LED indication.

・Data programming and setting can be done so easily on a vessel by using PC.


For details and specifications, please see the following PDF file.

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