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NIPPON HAKUYO Electronics, Ltd.

Dealing with the Issue of Prohibition of Bringing PHS Apparatus into Hong Kong

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As you may already be aware, the Hong Kong Government has issued a regulation prohibiting the bringing in, possession, and use of PHS apparatus in Hong Kong and requiring violators to pay a fine of up to 50,000 Hong Kong dollars and sentencing them to imprisonment for two years.

We hasten to inform you that for ships equipped with NHE-made switching equipment that have a PHS line installed, we have considered two proposals indicated below as solutions for avoiding this regulation in Hong Kong.
(For more information about the solutions, please contact our consultation service.)

We look forward to your continued patronage of our products in the future.

< Solution 1 > Deactivate the antenna from the switching equipment maintenance console.

By inputting a special command from the maintenance console, the antenna is switched off theoretically, and radio waves are no longer emitted from the antenna.

(Depending on the model of the switching equipment, the method of operation is different. For more information, please contact our consultation service.)

< Solution 2 > Physically disconnect the board and the antenna.

Open the front panel of the switching equipment, and physically disconnect the PHS connector on the board housed in the switching equipment.

(The number of boards is different for each applicable ship. For more information, please contact our consultation service.)

* With regard to either of the two solutions, please note that it is necessary to power off the PHS upon confirming that no antenna mark appears on the PHS display performing the above steps.