Based on rich experience and concrete achievements in developing marine internal communication systems, we foresee necessary functions and create new networks.
These sets are built sturdy based on the design to achieve high reliability while also meeting all the requirements for the marine telephone sets to be connected with the marine electronic telephone exchange. It is very reliable, easy to operate, with various functions incorporated, thus suporting the ordinary communication tasks on board the ship.
To protect your precious life and property against fire !! Higher realibility must be required to Fire Detection System which bears this important mission.
This system consists of a master clock and local clocks that are controlled by the master clock. Used particularly as a chronometer on ships, it is designed and manufactured with consideration given to variables such as vibration, temperature, and handing conditions.
Usable not only for paging but also as various functioned central station to communicate on-board.
LOAD ACE is a computer system to calculate longitudinal strength and many other things, necessary for loading plan, accurately in a short time, using preset her own data.