Terra/Aqua/NPP/JPSS Satellite Reception Analyzer


This system can receive X-Band Earth observation satellites (Terra / Aqua / NPP / JPSS). We are using TeraScan® system from SeaSpace, USA. 2.4 m diameter and 3.6 m diameter can be selected for the antenna. The 2.4 m system is compatible with both land-based installation and ship-based installation. The system consists of tracking antenna and receiver, hardware with TeraScan® software installed, it can automatically receive, analyze and image.

The TeraScan® system has over 25 years experience in designing, manufacturing and maintaining remote sensing systems and is operated for important missions in over 37 countries around the world.

For details, please check SeaSpace website.

  • High tracking accuracy.
  • Low velocity and acceleration requirements;
  • No keyhole losses at any elevations 3-axis, Elevation over Cross-Elevation over Azimuth configuration
  • It corresponds to program tracking and auto tracking. Stable reception tracking signal strength.
  • Completely balanced system
  • Low-loss radome enclosure for all installations
  • Integrated tracking receiver.
  • Maintenance by remote access.
  • L-Band, S-Band system can be integrated.
Reception system specification
  • Operating system: Linux (RHEL and CentOS)
  • Input signal level:-90 ~ -50 dBm
  • Input frequency: 720MHz(X-Band) 126-154MHz(L-Band)
  • Modulation methods: BPSK, SQPSK, USQPSK, QPSK
  • Receivable satellite: Terra, Aqua, NPP, JPSS, NOAA, METOP, DMSP