The HimawariCloud system can process data in the HSD (Himawari Standard Data) format delivered in the Internet cloud. You can process HSD data obtained from the Internet cloud automatically and create various product data from 16 channels of data.

The HimawariCast system is a system that receives HRIT / LRIT data with a 2.4 m parabolic antenna. We receive data from Himawari No. 8 in real time by DVB-S2 receiver. Two channels of visible channels are omitted than HimawariCloud. The resolution of the image is halved, but you can handle the data lightweight.

  • Advanced processing functions by TeraScan® can be used.
  • It supports 16 channels of HSD data processing. (HimawariCloud option is required)
  • It supports LRIT data processing of HRIT / 5 channels of 14 channels. (HimawariCast option is required)
  • It is easy to cut out data, map projection, image composition, and image calculation.
  • From reception to analysis processing, recording, and image distribution can be performed only with TeraScan®.
  • The HimawariCast system can receive automatic reception on a unmanned basis 24 hours a day, 365 days.
Output product
  • Contrails and deep convective clouds
  • Microphysical RGB composites for convection, dust, fog, and true-color
  • Cloud products (height, temperature, pressure)
  • Cloud Motion Vectors (Cloud winds)
  • Fog/lowcloud
  • AirMass product
  • Rain Rate
  • Dust
  • Fire hotspots