T-REX ™ – TeraScan® high-speed processor (Rapid Environmental X-treme processor) is a processor for high-speed processing of multi-channel large capacity data such as MODIS and VIIRS. T-REX ™ functions as a processing device in any ground equipment, and it also supports corrected Level 1 SDR data processing of NOAA CLASS.

T-REX ™ supports VIIRS data processing up to Level 1B as standard, but upgrade processing software also supports processing up to Level 2, ATMS, CrIS sensor data. All data can be output with HDF 5, TDF, JPEG, GeoTiff. T – REX ™ can easily set up and monitor processing using the GUI, and preview the created product as a thumbnail JPEG image.

  • High-speed processing is realized with a high-performance PC server.
  • Processing from received data, CADU, Level 0 HDF5 file can be executed directly with a configurable GUI.
  • NOAA CLASS Level 1 SDR data input is also supported.
  • You can monitor the progress of processing with quicklook viewer.
  • It corresponds to output with HDF 5, TDF, JPEG, GeoTiff.
  • There is maintenance support for 1 year after purchase, we will respond to software upgrades and inquiries. There is also an annual maintenance contract after that.
  • In parallel, you can run TeraScan® software in the background.