SeaSpace Corporation introduces TeraScan® processing for Suomi NPP. TeraScan® is an end-to-end environmental data processing solution that automatically processes large EOS datasets from raw to level 2 products. TeraScan® for NPP supports processing of raw data acquired from any direct broadcast ground station, or can use level 1 calibrated SDR data from the NOAA CLASS archive. The processing requirements for NPP are large, and therefore SeaSpace recommends pairing the software with the TeraScan® Rapid Environmental X-treme processor, T-REX™.

TeraScan® for NPP processes data from the VIIRS, ATMS, and CrIS sensors. Configuration files allow the user to process any or all of the SeaSpace supported products, therefore further minimizing production time. Updated algorithms are supplied to users through TeraScan® software updates.

  • By combining T-REX ™, you can process CADU or Level 0 HDF5 files received on any ground equipment.
  • Corresponds to input of corrected Level 1 SDR data of NOAA CLASS.
  • Processing can be monitored with quicklook viewer.
  • Data can be output in TeraScan® supported formats such as TDF, HDF 5, JPEG, GeoTiff etc.
  • There is maintenance support for 1 year after purchase, we will respond to software upgrades and inquiries. There is also an annual maintenance contract after that.
  • It corresponds to data processing of VIIRS, ATMS, CrIS sensor.
Output product

VIIRS product

  • Level 0 ( 22 channels)
  • Level 1B (22 channels)
  • Sea Surface Temperature(SST)
  • Ocean Color(Chl)
  • Day Night Band
  • Active Fires
  • NDVI

ATMS product

  • Level 0(22 channels)
  • Level1B(22 channels)
  • Map projected luminance temperature data

CrIS product

  • Atmospheric temperature [K](101 atmospheric pressure level)
  • Atmospheric ozone [ppmv](101 atmospheric pressure level)
  • Atmospheric relative humidity [%](101 atmospheric pressure level)
  • Atmospheric dew point temperature [K](101 atmospheric pressure level)
  • Surface skin temperature [K]
  • Surface emissivity at instrument spectral resolution [cm-1]
  • Total precipitable water (vertically integrated from 100 hPa to surface) [cm]
  • Precipitable water 1 (vertically integrated from 900 hPa to surface) [cm]
  • Precipitable water 2 (vertically integrated from 700 to 900 hPa) [cm]
  • Precipitable water 3 (vertically integrated from 300 to 700 hPa) [cm]
  • Total ozone amount (vertically integrated) [dobson units]
  • Lifted index [deg C]
  • Convective available potential energy [J/kg]
  • CO2 amount [ppmv]
  • Cloud top pressure [hPa]
  • Cloud top temperature [K]
  • Cloud optical thickness
  • Effective Cloud emissivity
  • Cloud mask [0 clear, 1 cloud]