Ultimate Remote Sensing Tool Box

TeraScan® is a comprehensive remote sensing solution that provides satellite data reception, analysis, recording, image creation and distribution with fully automated integration functions.

TeraScan® uses advanced data processing functions to generate raw data to Level 3 products.
TeraScan® has proved its high reliability and maintainability over 25 years. As a result, we can realize a low cost system.

TeraScan® software is designed to run continuously and unattended.
Users can easily script their own processes and create processing applications. Applications can be run without affecting other running functions. You can also output products to Google Earth, AAPP / IAPP etc.

TeraScan® has been selected as one of the world-renowned universities, meteorological agencies, military and Antarctic polar researchers. All customers share a common objective that requires high quality data and products.

Suomi NPP processing by TeraScan®
T-REX™ – TeraScan® High-speed processing processor(Rapid Environmental X-treme processor)
HimawariCloud / HimawariCast system by TeraScan®

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For details and specifications, please see the following PDF file or SeaSpace website.

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