It is HimawariCast compatible system.
You can receive the images observed by meteorological satellite “Himawari 8” directly via communication satellite “JCSAT-2B”

  • Fully automatic reception record and automatic image creation
  • Shading and pseudo color display of HRIT image with 256 gradations
  • Display the latest image after receiving
  • Continuous movie display function
  • Cloud top altitude graph, bird’s-eye view display function
  • Digital display of physical quantity (reflectivity, temperature) of image point
  • Abundant image superimposition function
  • Coastline, latitude longitude line composite display function
  • Scale display
  • Display received data on the Web
  • 5 area segmentation display function
  • Record received images in JPEG, BMP format

For details and specifications, please see the following PDF file.

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